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DaGeG is an Arabic word means Noise.

DaGeG is indistinguishable from sound, in order to sound we need to speak up!

DaGeG is an unpleasant tone that causes mild to major discomfort and irritation.

DaGeG in a psychic sense means: the unresolved overwhelming emotional and mental pain.

DaGeG is community of Inter-Creative ArabSpeaking-Queer creatures displaced and thriving in exile.

DaGeG is devoted to alter Our reality, we strive to create our own opportunities against all odds!

DaGeG is here to pierce the ears and eyes with unwanted cultural, social taboo topics!

DaGeG amplifies what is sublime and grotesque about humans!

DaGeG examines what stimulates people’s instinctive and creative criticism through means of the Arts.

DaGeG endeavors to understand the complexity of our Modern Era.

DaGeG took upon themself to translate the psychic pain*.

DaGeG ultimately attempts to fix the fraction created by the dominating binaries.

DaGeG seeks to establish a safe space for like-minded people, who are constantly deprived of the probability to live!

DaGeG DOESN'T fight against!
DaGeG Fights for the striving of our community.

DaGeG is a self-organized community for the community to serve as a queer lens of activism.

DaGeG is a self-played instrument that we are building while simultaneously learning to play.

DaGeG is subversive, the kind that hinders achieving permanence.

Collective DaGeG is a quxiled arab-speaking collective, That aims to revamp the cultural constellation by magnifying the brightness of long shadowed minorities.

As the progeny of an archaic pain DaGeG found their way into forming this collective, through the undeniable presence of collective trauma.

For them, creating this collective is a way to collectively heal ourselves and the OTHERs, to transform the noise and chaos that’s raging inside them into tools of radical change that endorse coexistence.

DaGeG as an interdisciplinary collective will adjust their practices and mediums depending upon the contingent situation at hand, they believe art is a language, the medium is just a character.